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About Us

We buy houses in as is condition.  Fire, burn outs, foreclosures, estates. Whatever the reason, we can help

We Solve Real Estate Problems

+Selling a property on your own can be tricky if you've never done it before.  Our Pittsburgh Real Estate Team specializes in solving simple to complex property problems.  We Buy Houses, Apartments and Commercial Properties in Any Location, Any Condition, For Any Reason.  

After almost 20 years of real world experience and knowledge of buying, fixing and selling properties in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and surrounding counties we've seen all kinds of challenges.  Give us a shot at helping you solve your property problem.

We buy apartments in Pittsburgh too. Any number of units in A, B or C+ neighborhoods

We Revitalize Local Communities

Our passion is revitalizing older houses and commercial properties and giving them a new life and new purpose.

Our homes we strive to give a home buyer the home of their dreams that fits with their budget and lifestyle. 

Helping bring new businesses into a community is something we take great joy in manifesting into reality.  This helps local communities begin to thrive again.

We invest in local communities and businesses all the time.  If you have an opportunity you want to let us know about please take action below.

Got a real estate portfolio to sell?  We buy portfolios too.

We Offer Investment Opportunties

We help real estate investors build wealth with real estate investing without doing the heavy lifting of finding the opportunities, securing the funding, dealing with permits and contractors and finding a good agent that will actually work to sell the property at the end of the day.

We Do All The Work.  We Partner with Investors that have an IRA or Roth IRA that can be converted into Self-Directed IRA/Roth IRA's to be able to invest as a private mortgage lender for secure returns of 7-10% annually.

Investors can invest in one of our projects for residential or commercial redevelopment or new construction on a project by project basis.

We are always acquiring new properties and projects and to help our company's growth we look to work with a few new investors wanting to earn high returns with zero hassles.

It takes a village to make customers happy :)

We Create Jobs & Business Opportunities

Our commercial redevelopment projects creates retail and office space that becomes available for lease.  We have our finger on the pulse on what is needed in a local community and we work hard to find the right fit in bringing new businesses and opportunities to the area.

New businesses bring with them new jobs which adds to the tax base in the community to support local amenities like police, fire, road maintenance, etc.

Because our sphere of influence puts in a unique position to recognize a great business opportunity when we find them, we make these opportunities available for our select investors group.  If you would like to invest in a business or a real estate opportunity, contact us for more information.

We buy houses fast in Pittsburgh, PA.  We buy in as is condition, we close as fast as possible during covid-19
Pittsburgh Real Estate Team is Here to Help!

Our Team's Mission

The Pittsburgh Real Estate Team's Mission is to Serve Others and Solve Problems.

Working with top industry professionals in the real estate and construction industry helps us to solve property problems for sellers and create beautiful homes and businesses for the community to enjoy.

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